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Fare Forward, Chloe Garcia Roberts

This February, after four and a half years of  steadfast service to the Woodberry Poetry Room, Associate Curator Chloe Garcia Roberts will be leaving us to accept the position of Managing Editor at the Harvard Review.

During her tenure at the Poetry Room, Chloe has been instrumental in helping to expand WPR’s public programming and online listening booth, as well as its circulating collection. Among her many specific accomplishments and lasting contributions are her establishment of the Omniglot translation seminars; her oversight of Transversal, the first-ever Latin American Poetry Lab at Harvard; and her editorship of our online Catalyst: Comparative Listening series.

Throughout her time here, she has also demonstrated consistently generous care and attention to all who enter the room. In so doing, she has exemplified and embodied the very word “curator,” which means in its etymological essence: to care. We will miss her immensely, but we wish her the very best in her journey “down the hall” to the Harvard Review and with the upcoming publication of her first collection of poems, The Reveal (Noemi Press, 2015).

This is not farewell, as the poet says, but fare forward.

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Christina Davis is the curator of the Woodberry Poetry Room, Harvard University. She is the author of two poetry collections, AN ETHIC and FORTH A RAVEN, and the manuscript-in-progress, THE INTRABODY.

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