Author: Rebecca Araten

Elizabeth Baker in the Poetry Room

SONIC ENERGIES: A Conversation with Elizabeth A. Baker

The Honourable Elizabeth A. Baker is a new Renaissance artist, whose current work explores the natural energies of sonic spaces and seeks to dismantle the hierarchies that humans have imposed on the world (and themselves). During her time as a 2021-2022 Radcliffe fellow, Baker has immersed in the Poetry Room’s audio archive and recorded several new mesmerizing pieces that combine an innovative array of electronic instruments (including one that was built specifically for her) with samples from the WPR’s archival sound recordings. The result: AGGRESSIVE PILLOW TALK, an album that aims “to liberate sound from a human-centric narrative.” Click here to access recordings of “Underbelly Law” (recorded in the Law School garage) and “Vibes Under Watchful Eyes” and “Dynamic PONG” (recorded in the Poetry Room). This April, I had the pleasure of speaking with Elizabeth about her creative process: this blog post presents selections from our hour-long conversation. Your Radcliffe project is called “Field Studies”: why did you choose to use a poetry sound archive as the “field”? The concept was originally that I would …